Serving Comprehensive Scrap Services

Trentco Management LLC provides a range of services in the Metal Recycling Business in Texas. We have been providing serivces for more than 10 years. We currently have 6 Scrapyards in many major locations in Texas. We aim to take our scrap business to a new height by helping homeowners, companies, and manufacturing units remove their metals.

Metal Recycling or Removal

Be it recycling of aluminum, brass, copper, steel, wrought iron or stainless steel, we handle each metal for recycling in our scrap yards.

Industrial Equipment Removal

If any of your industrial equipment is not working or not in hope of repairing, call us for removal services, removing enormous machines.

Oil & Gas Demolition

Call us for the demolition of fuel tanks which are in the state of corrosion or leaking, we are expert at replacing tanks without harming the surroundings.

Redundant Pipe Removal

Get rid of the headache of removing old and heavy pipes of crude oil or gas in and around Texas because Trentco offers safe pipeline removal services.

Scrap Removal

We are mastered in providing clean up services for the ranch, city-wide and public households like old refrigerator, television and micro oven.


Specialized in demolition and clean up services of a wide range of products like pipelines, fuel tanks, and all heavy items at your site with care.

Key Features of Services

Your scrap metals are valuable even though they are not in use by you.
These unused metals go for recycling which saves our ecosystem. Get the best return of your scrap!

Service on Time

Once you book us, it is our responsibility to provide you with on-time services. We keep a record of our customer’s to provide rapid services.

Latest Technology

We have advanced demolition and cleaning equipment, as well as roll-off containers to pick and drop heavy industrial machines, pipes, fuel tanks and metals.

Team of Experts

Our crew has extensive years of experience in the demolition and recycling professions. They know how to provide clean up services for heavy to sensitive items without harming the surroundings.

Successfully Manage the Reputation

We have been active in the business for more than 10 years and successfully manages our reputation and safety rating in the scrap world of Texas.

Best Returns of Scraps

Ensure to provide you with the best returns of your scrape. Be it aluminum, iron and any other metals, you can sell to us to get the best return of your scrap.

100% Satisfaction

On-site scrap handling services are offered by our experts. Be it removing a fuel tank or a redundant tank, our services will provide you with 100% work satisfaction.


Call us at 1-800-TRENTCO or email us at [email protected]

Our Respected Customer Feedbacks

At Trentco, every feedback is important to us.
Contribute some words to help others assessing our work quality!


I got the best price for my scrap. I didn't know that the scrap which I found worthless would let to earn me some extra. Trentco, you guys are booked for future by us. Cheers!



Satisfied with Trentco for providing world-class safe and environmental friendly pipeline demolition services, followed all the guidelines and proved it capabilities!