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At Trentco, we offer Demolition, Recycling & Clean-up of Pipelines, Fuel Tanks, Vessels and many other unused light to heavy Items in Texas! Feel free to contact us

At Trentco Demo, we have a team of experts who can handle heavy to light redundant pipes, fuel tanks and other unused items of oil & Gas companies. We have years of experience in handling all types of demolition work. We provide on-site demolition services on time.

Every contract we take with full commitment. Our skilled workers work systematically and according to the guidelines to provide safe demolition services in Texas.

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Pipe Demolition

In the oil & gas industry, the pipeline is one of the best ways to transport gas, crude oil, and chemicals. These pipes are thick and resistant to corrosion in order to make them long-lasting. Various reasons can damage pipelines such as third-party damage during construction, environmental reasons like landslides, operational errors and metal fatigue. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason for pipeline leakage, we offer the best demolition services.

Fuel Tank Demolition

Like pipes, fuel tanks can also be leaked due to their age and human errors. If you are looking to get rid of old fuel tanks without causing any harm to the environment and workers, we will help you out. We are expert in removing and recycling of any size of old fuel tanks.

Our steps of demolition are well-practiced and safe. We have roll-off boxes for industrial needs. We first take the survey of the site and collect the data of the outdated pipe or tank to perform safe demolition. If the object heavy, we may cut them to load in our trucks safely.

Ones, you have called us, it is all our headache to deal with any type of demolition. Emergency services are also offered because we understand how much sensitive the environment of oil & gas industry.

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I got the best price for my scrap. I didn't know that the scrap which I found worthless would let to earn me some extra. Trentco, you guys are booked for future by us. Cheers!



Satisfied with Trentco for providing world-class safe and environmental friendly pipeline demolition services, followed all the guidelines and proved it capabilities!