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With more than a decade of experience, there is no job out of our capability. Whether you are looking to clean up an old warehouse or heavy outdated industrial equipment, you can leave that responsibility in our hands. Trentco is mastered in recycling old or unused machines from your construction area or manufacturing unit to a safe environment. Many mechanical and construction companies have benefited from our world-class industrial equipment removal services. We’ve provided services such as removing their heavy traces for recycling, dismantling or demolishing.

It is our work commitment and management that allows us to perform the heavy industrial clean up without any further ado. We understand how difficult it is to deal with damaged and unused machines. They occupy unnecessary space and become a risk for the working area.

What Do We Pick-Up?

Size and weight does not stand in our way! We are capable of cleaning up your outdated, damaged or unused bulldozers, cranes, excavators, forklifts, compressors, heavy machines and much more. Our work unit offers light to heavy industrial clean up, drop-off and pick-up services using roll-off containers.

OnSite Dismantle or Recycling

Our licensed and certified material handlers are well-equipped with all necessary equipment required to dismantle on your premises or move industrial equipment to our scrap yards to dismantle or recycle.

Remove industrial unused equipment without any hassle

Get prompt service for clean ups of industrial scrap metals at cost effective rates

Why Choose Trentco for Industrial Equipment Removal?

Trentco Management is an ISRI and ISO Net World Member.

We have been in the business for more than a decade and are proud to serve the best metal recycling support to our respected customers.

Slowly and steadily we are growing our business in Texas. Currently, we have six scrap yards in total. One is located in Brady, two in Kerrville, Pleasanton and Uvalde, and another in Big Spring. Each location offers light to heavy industrial clean-ups.

For pick-up of heavy equipment, we use roll-off boxes to safely remove and load the unused equipment.

Our promise is to provide the best price for your heavy industrial equipment in the scrap handling industry.

Why Recycle Industrial Equipment?

Metals used in cranes and heavy industrial machines are non-renewable resources which are capable to be exhausted over time. That is why metal recycling is important to us. Surprisingly, more than 200 million tons of metals are recycled every year, saving money and natural resources. The best thing about metal recycling is they don’t lose their properties even after dismantle. This means they can be used again and again for an infinite period of time.

Our metal recycling company decreases your disposal costs and helps you to become an eco-friendly company.

For more details on our industrial equipment removal services, reach us via email [email protected] or call us at +1-833-TRENTCO Our prompt service will make you happy and confident.


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I got the best price for my scrap. I didn't know that the scrap which I found worthless would let to earn me some extra. Trentco, you guys are booked for future by us. Cheers!



Satisfied with Trentco for providing world-class safe and environmental friendly pipeline demolition services, followed all the guidelines and proved it capabilities!