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Trentco is your specialist to offer world-class oil & gas demolition services at cost-effective prices. We are well-equipped with the latest equipment to drain, inert, and dig out the tank to remove it safely. Our team members are experts in removing the redundant oil pipeline before it becomes hazardous for living organisms.

We are one of the leading fuel tank removal contractors in Texas, removing tanks or pipes under the strict guidelines and in a safe environment.

What are the Reasons for Demolition of Pipelines or Storage Tanks?

Underground storage tanks or redundant pipelines can pose a serious environmental risk and can create a hurdle to new constructions. The oil and gas industry uses USTs or underground storage tanks for not only oil or gas storage but also for chemical storage. Old USTs or pipelines are either fully drained or left abandoned holding small amounts of chemicals which can make demolition a bit challenging. It is also a risk for the environment because the liquid can seep by the soil or can contaminate nearby water bodies.

Replacing oil pipelines or USTs help to avoid leakage, high maintenance, shutdowns, high maintenance cost and hazardous environmental impacts.

How Does Trentco Help You Out in Pipeline Construction Demolition?

We are specialized in removing old pipelines by avoiding the risk of environmental contaminations and explosions. Our unit takes various steps to demolish USTs or redundant pipelines.

Collecting Data Regarding the Pipe

Before we take part in the task of demolishing a pipeline or tank, we collect all the necessary data including the pipeline age, pipe wall thickness, headers, drain pits, and any adjacent pipelines. The data helps us to analyze how and where to dig. This data also minimizes the risk of any casualties.

Inert the Tank

In this process, we make sure there are no dangerous or flammable fume existing. Therefore, this step includes replacing all the oxygen gas from the tank to an inert gas like CO2 and nitrogen.

Draining of the Pipeline

It is dangerous to remove the pipe without first draining it, so our team does just that. If the pipeline is filled with oil, gas or chemicals, it is drained out with the de-oiling method. The residual oil is drained by pigging, a technology uses specialist projectiles to recover the residual rather than wasting it.


The second to the last process involves digging the area to prepare the pipeline for removal. The digging process is done to the extent that can create full access to the tank.


The size, material, and weight of the pipe help us to determine the technique needed to remove it. Some pipes are easy to lift while some are difficult. Many may need to be cut into smaller parts.

Overall, oil and gas demolition is complex which requires professionals like us to perform the task with care. If you are looking for the best services, give us a call at +1-833-TRENTCO or email us at [email protected] We cover Texas by having six scrap yards.


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