Secure Pipeline Demolition Services

Did you know old pipelines can be hazardous to their surroundings if they are leaking? In this situation, contact Trentco Demo in Texas to receive the best pipeline construction demolition services.

At Trentco Demo, we understand how complicated it can be to handle redundant pipelines, but we are mastered in demolishing old pipes. It is our years of experience in the field that has made us proficient. We provide on-site pipeline demolition to decrease risk of leaks, avoid high maintenance cost, increase work production as well as increasing the safety of your surroundings and environmental impacts.

Pipelines are often used to transport crude oil, natural gas, and water. To protect these pipes, a special corrosion-proof coating is done. The operator of the pipeline has to be careful about leaks or weakness of the pipe walls. The leaking of chemicals can contaminate the soil and nearby water bodies. On top of that, the leaking of natural gas in a heavily populated area can cause havoc.

Reasons for Failure of Pipelines

  • Mechanical or third-party damage that occurs usually by construction equipment
  • Environmental reasons like corrosion and landslides
  • Metal fatigue as a result of fabrication, construction and material defects
  • Operational errors
  • Miscellaneous causes

Some more environmental damages to a pipeline are hydrogen-stress cracking, stress-corrosion cracking, and hydrogen blistering. Human errors such as accidentally cutting and overpressuring components can cause a pipe to leak.

At Trentco Demo, we aim to safely and economically perform pipeline demolition services. Following all guidelines for a successful demolition of pipelines with various diameters from 16″ to 48″.

Our Safe & Advanced Methods of Pipeline Demolition

Collecting Data of the Pipe

Before demolishing a pipeline, we collect all the necessary data including the pipeline age, pipe wall thickness, headers, drain pits, and any adjacent pipelines. It provides us the information needed to know how and where to dig. This increases the chance of digging and demolishing pipes safely.


Digging the area to prepare the pipeline for removal. Digging is done to the extent that can help to replace the pipe easily.

Draining the Pipe

Without draining, the pipe is unsafe to demolish. To remove any residue of oil or chemical pigging, technology is applied. If the pipe needs to be drained completely, we perform the de-oiling method. Demolishing a pipe without removing its residue can be dangerous for the workers involved in demolition and can also contaminate the soil.

Cutting, Lifting & Loading

If the pipe is heavy, it can be cut into pieces to make lifting and loading easy and quick.

All the pipeline construction demolition processes are done by our experts with care.

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