Metal Recycling & Metal Removal Services

Specialist in metal recycling and removal of metal scrap

Specialist of Metal Recycling, Metal Removal & Certified Metal Handler in Texas

From appliances to batteries to cans, metal is everywhere. We cannot think of life without metal. Vehicles, heavy machines, computers, and gadgets have metal. Recycling metal is all about saving natural resources because of its limited supply. At Trentco, we collect, sort, shred and separate metal to supply it to the metal units to reuse it again.

We are a certified metal handler in Texas with our six active scrap yards in Brady, Kerrville, Pleasanton, Uvalde, and Big Spring. Our professional Scrap Metal Recycling Services follow all safety measures to collect and recycle metal.

Our Metal Recycling Process

Scrap Metal Collection

At Trentco Demo, we collect scrap from everyone, from companies to farmers and homeowners. Manufacturers, oilfield agencies and small scrap collectors, all can contact us.

Radiation Detectors

Scrap metal is passed through radiation detectors to separate radioactive scrap from the scrap metal.


By using hammer mills and feed rollers metal is crushed and cut into tiny small pieces.

Media Separation

An advanced level of separation takes place by using Eddy current that applies high-pressure air to separate non-ferrous from ferrous.

Sorting of Scrap Metal

Our Texas metal recycling unit aims to provide our partners with the metal free from radiation, paper, plastic, glass, and any impurities. Therefore, the metal recycling process goes through several sorting steps.


We use advanced hydraulic machinery to cut metals into manageable sizes by applying enormous amounts of pressure.


A powerful rotating magnetic drum is capable of separating iron and steel from non-ferrous scrap metal.


The shredded and separated metals are turned into compact large blocks to make the transport process easy.

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Why recycle metal?

  • Metal can be reused without losing its essence
  • It is a natural resource, available in limited supply

What are the types of metals?

It has two major types- ferrous and non-ferrous. Aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, zinc, tin and lead are non-ferrous. Ferrous metal includes iron and steel.

What types of products do we accept as scrap metal?

The product should have at least 50% metal. even if the metal is surrounded by plastic. In case, the product has a small amount of metal and it is easy to remove, we accept it.

Can a small scrap collector contact Trentco Demo?

We collect scrap metal from everyone. We weigh your collection to offer the best price.